Because Size Matters When Properly Making a Twin XL Bed

Comforters and duvet covers listed as twin XL on measure 90 inches or longer, NO exceptions. This is our minimum "tested" standard for twin XL classification on When your bedding arrives, we ask that you look beyond the labeled name of twin or twin XL and focus on the actual stated dimensions. It is more important to us that your bedding actually fits. In other words, labeling it twin XL doesn't always make it so, meaning size matters most. Dimensions are typically found on or in the product packaging, bedding tag, or DormSmart's product listing.

Why We Classify Bedding by Actual Dimensions Verses Labels

  1. We want students to have options in twin XL bedding, so we sell many manufacturer brands. Unfortunately, there is no consistency or standard among manufacturers when sizing, packaging, and labeling comforters and duvet covers as twin XL. For example, Victor Mill packages and labels 96-inch extra long comforters as twin. Mizone, Impressions, and Royal Tradition package and label 90-inch long comforters as twin XL while Kimlor packages and labels theirs as twin. It is inconsistent and confusing! Exactly why DormSmart focuses on actual dimensions, 90 inches or longer, to ensure a proper fit on a twin XL bed while giving students style options, like Realtree Camo, that may be otherwise overlooked when shopping. Our goal is to get all manufacturers to make one oversize twin comforter or duvet cover that will fit either size bed and label it as twin/twin XL but effecting change in an established industry takes time; so, our only option for now is to look beyond packaging and educate the consumer about sizing twin XL
    • "This means on rare occasions, your comforter or duvet cover may arrive packaged and labeled as twin or contain a twin bed skirt. No need to panic. The twin comforter or duvet cover in the package is extra long, meaning 90 inches or longer, to fit your twin XL bed; and, you were not charged for the bed skirt."
  1. There are some distributors in the marketplace that take a standard 86-inch long comforter or duvet cover, box it up with a twin XL sheet set, and label it as twin XL. We do not agree with this practice because only the sheets are twin extra long. We believe parents and students would be more upset if they arrived on campus to find that their labeled "twin XL" bedding set is only 86 inches long.

  2. Many manufacturers produce oversized twin comforters or duvet covers, meaning 90 inches or longer, that will fit both a 75-inch long standard twin or 80-inch extra long twin mattress. This is an acceptable practice because the bedding is manufactured to fit either size mattress. Unfortunately, manufacturers don't always label it accordingly and this causes confusion for our students and their parents who may be unfamiliar with how to size twin XL.

110% Money Back Guarantee

Your bedding has already been properly measured during the manufacturing process. However, if you choose to check the length of your DormSmart classified twin XL comforter or duvet, be sure to pull it tight from end to end while measuring it on a flat surface. You will need some help to get an accurate measurement. If the comforter or duvet cover measures shorter than 90 inches, we will send you a prepaid shipping label so that the bedding can be returned then unpacked and measured on video by Team DormSmart. If the bedding is found to be short, we will refund you 110% of the purchase price. If the bedding is 90 inches or longer, as stated in our product listing, you will be responsible for all actual shipping costs as per our Fair and Simple 30-Day Return Policy, so measure properly.