American Made Dorm Rooms

Did you know DormSmart only does business with US Based Manufacturers and Distributors?

It's true, we always have! Every product on DormSmart's virtual shelves is either assembled or made in America by a US based manufacturer or imported by a US based distributor that creates jobs across America. Additionally, many of the dorm room products that we offer college bound students help support small businesses across America.

When shopping to create a dorm room from American Made products it is important to understand in business today that some imported products contain US components, some US products contain imported components... it's much more complex than decades ago. So at DormSmart, we feel the better question to ask ourselves about the products that we offer students is, "Do they play a role in creating jobs across America?"

Small gestures, like where you buy your dorm room supplies, can effect change for others and for yourself. So if you are shopping at DormSmart today, you can feel confident that you are playing a small role in improving the economy and creating a healthy job market across America for when you and your classmates graduate from college.

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