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Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag
Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag

Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag

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SecureSleep Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag

Best Bed Bug Protection for College and Boarding School

Students can keep their laundry away from bed bugs by using the best bed bug protection by SecureSleep, the Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag. It is an important element in any bed bug prevention strategy. If students already have a bed bugs infestation in their dorm room or campus apartment, it is even more important as part of a comprehensive pest management plan.

SecureSleep Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag features:

  • 100% Micro-Polyester
  • Patent Pending Zipper Technology
  • Entomologist Tested Effective - Bed Bug Proof & Hypoallergenic (Protection from Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Pollen, and Allergens)
  • Machine Washable
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty and 21 Day 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee
  • by SecureSleep by Bedbug

SecureSleep Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag includes:

  • 1 - 20 in. x 32 in. Laundry Bag

Why Protect Laundry Before Having Bed Bugs?

Clothing is one of the most vulnerable places when it comes to bed bugs, providing them with ample hiding places. A bed bug's entire food source is blood, and they are nocturnal, searching for their blood meal late at night when students sleep. Bed bugs are clever, and move fast and far for their size, about the size of an apple seed full grown. Although bedbugs don't discriminate between a clean or dirty dorm room or campus apartment, they do enjoy clutter, like laundry.

Why Protect Laundry After Finding Bed Bugs?

If a bed bug infestation is found in a student's dorm room or campus apartment, they must take steps to eliminate the problem quickly. Their college, university, or boarding school should be notified immediately so a reputable pest control company can be engaged. Students can use their SecureSleep Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bag to contain their loose laundry; lock bed bugs inside where they unable to escape and prevent them from multiplying and feeding. Students should then follow their school's pest control professional's instructions closely on how to wash bed bug infested laundry.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs move very easily from room to room and can crawl as far as 200 feet in one day. In campus housing at college or boarding school, it is easy to see how quickly bed bugs can spread if left unchecked. They are very crafty, and hide in cracks in floors, behind posters and picture frames, inside electrical outlets and of course in mattress and laundry left on the floor in a student's dorm room or campus apartment. Bed bugs love clutter.

Use Anti Bed Bug Laundry Bags When Traveling Abroad, Between Campus and Home, Spring Break, Any Time

The most common method of transporting bed bugs occurs when students travel. Hotels have been particularly hard hit, with everything from the local roadside motel to 5 star resorts seeing bed bug infestation so nobody is immune. Students are also susceptible on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, taxis and buses. SecureSleep Laundry Bags can aid students in the prevention of Bed Bugs during travel.

Mom Approves

As important as it is for students at college and boarding school to live and sleep in a bed bug-free environment, it's also equally important to ensure students do not bring bed bugs home with them so it's best to use protective encasements or anti bed bug laundry bags when traveling between campus and home.

An Important Endorsement

SecureSleep by BedBug products have been exclusively endorsed by The American Sleep Association (ASA). The ASA is the top US sleep health organization, and conducted comprehensive testing in real-world sleep environments as well as a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory. The results? The ASA has certified that SecureSleep by BedBug products are the only ones they will recommend.

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